Lynsey declares that she’ll take the baby back to the hospital, but Rob tries to explain to her what it’ll mean for Diane to do it herself. Rob has to get back to school and instructs Sinead to stay in with Diane. She opens up to Sinead who’s horrified when Diane goes on to name the baby.

Sinead appeals to her mum to give him up, but Diane says she’s going to go and register his birth. Lynsey bangs on the door and threatens to call the police if Diane doesn’t let her in, as Sinead breaks down.

Jamil’s kidnappers are revealed to be Darren and Tex, and he admits the truth that it isn’t a forced marriage. Meanwhile, Rashad turns up at halls and is shocked to hear that Jamil’s not there. Lanika’s worried and reveals to the students that he wants to marry her, Jem’s embarrassed about her false assumptions. Darren cuts Jamil free and he rushes back in time for the wedding. As the ceremony is about to start, Lanika stops in her tracks, she knows Jamil isn’t ready for marriage.

Also; Leanne reveals to a crushed Lee that no one likes his play.

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