Diane’s in a whirl

Diane is even more mixed up after her kiss with Billy and she goes to see him. He encourages her to carry on where they left off and tells her once more to finish with Jack. Diane returns to Jack and instead tells him that she needs to get away from him for a while. Billy implores Diane not to run away from her feelings but Diane insists that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Donna has to dodge questions from her family about her estrangement from Marlon. Bob, meanwhile, tries to encourage Marlon to make up with his wife, but Marlon is glum about their future. Donna worries that the gossips will unveil the truth about the robbery and she moves back into Tall Trees to present a united front. But she insists that she’s not interested in saving their marriage.

Ashley visits Laurel and the new baby in hospital and has to tell a disappointed Laurel that her parents have said that they’re too busy to visit straight away. Shadrach pops in to see them and basks in his accidental heroism as they give him their praise.

Also, Duke and Pearl try to sabotage Jamie as he starts his job as a postie.