Diane’s not happy with Val!

Terry’s on dangerous relationship ground… He agrees to have lunch with Brenda but, instead, celebrates the restaurant plans for the B&B with Val. He tries to make it up to his lady love later, but Brenda’s not happy… Neither is Diane when she hears about Val’s plans. Is there another family feud in the offing?

Ashley’s been so concerned with psycho Sally’s marriage that he’s let his own hit the rocks. Laurel is at her mum’s house with the kids and has made it crystal clear that she’s not coming home soon. Sally is quietly pleased about this outcome. Well, it is what she wanted. But Doug is furious… The village gossips are having a field day and Ashley is encouraging speculation by turning to Sally for support. Is the vicar wallowing so deep in self-pity that he doesn’t care what his parishioners think of him?

One couple that seems back on track is David and Leyla… On their date at The Woolpack they’re definitely feeling the love. David tries to treat it as a proper first date, but before long he’s kissing Leyla and telling her how much he’s missed her. Can they put the past behind them and find a happy future?