The UCOS team has to box clever to solve the 15-year-old murder of a young fighter in the penultimate episode of the current series, which guest stars Maggie O’Neill (EastEnders, Shameless), Chloe Howman (Holby Blue) and Del Synott (The Silence).

Someone put a bullet in boxer Eddie Mayfair just a week after he won a big fight. The prime suspect was Milton Joseph, the fighter Eddie beat so badly he never fought again. But nothing could be proved. Now the gun that was used for Eddie’s murder has been used in a robbery and Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her old dogs have picked up the scent. Milton Joseph still hates Eddie but did he kill him? Sandra, Jack, Brian and Gerry aren’t convinced.

Eddie’s mum Ronni (Maggie O’Neill) and his manager Harry are full of praise for the prize fighter, and his fiancee Eve (Chloe Howman) has never got over his death, even though she married Eddie’s sparring partner Danny (Del Synott). But Sandra and co discover the world of boxing is full of dirty fighters – in and out of the ring – and that winning is sometimes as much about money as it is about knock-out punches. So maybe Eddie’s death wasn’t really about him being a winner…

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