Tanya looks nervous when Abi is questioned by the police about what she saw on the night of Max’s hit-and-run, but Abi insists that she couldn’t see the driver. Tanya is stunned when she learns that Ronnie gave Jack an alibi. Bradley is questioned by the police and reveals that he hates his dad but he’s not a murderer. Dot is worried about Bradley’s dark mood.

Sean is irritated when Archie makes another dig about him missing Roxy’s antenatal class. Sean blurts out his frustrations to Stacey, who advises him not to rise to the bait. Sean talks to Roxy about Archie’s interfering and she is dismissive, but he makes it clear that their baby will be a Slater, not a Mitchell.

Jane is touched when Ian gives her money to buy a new outfit for Tamwar’s comedy night at the Vic. Tamwar is up first and his set goes down well, then Jane wins round the crowd after some initial heckling. But Ian misses Jane’s performance after getting locked in the cafe toilet!

Also, Stacey continues to ignore Callum’s attempts to get her attention; Bianca makes plans for Tony’s birthday; Suzy and Phil send Ben back home early from abroad.

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