Grumpy, overweight and a bit of a hypochondriac, Big Mac (played by former Coronation Street actor Charles Dale) arrives as Holby’s new hospital porter. Straight away he spots Charlie who’s carrying a guitar – a present for his son Louis – and he can’t believe that Charlie’s a nurse. When Charlie is forced to cancel plans with Louis to attend a meeting with Harry, Louis joins in with a gang at school.

Louis and his pals barracade themselves inside a storeroom and start smoking but they fail to notice that a fire has broken out. When an emergency crew arrives to try and rescue the pupils, Louis is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, fed up with the accusations from both Harry and Adam, Toby asks for Big Mac’s help to clear his name as the hospital blogger. As they are about to announce the culprit, the blogger panics and reveals their identity…

Also, Ruth, Jeff and Dixie treat the victim of an assault and are stunned when a man claiming to be his brother pulls the wires from his life support machine.