Did Bruce attack Tony?

Alf calls an ambulance after discovering Tony unconscious on the floor at home. He has a fractured cheekbone and concussion, but is still able to inform a concerned Jack that Bruce Campbell was his attacker. Bruce is hauled in for questioning but lies to police about his whereabouts at the time of the attack.

While Geoff is alarmed at the possibility that Bruce could have seriously hurt someone, Bruce eventually proves his innocence, having been in hospital when the attack on Tony occurred. He has a serious heart condition that he’s been keeping secret from Geoff and Annie. With Bruce cleared, Jack has to look further afield for other potential attackers and settles on a more sinister suspect.

Sam and son Rory arrive back in the Bay to live with Jack. When Sam goes off to town for a medical appointment, Jack takes Rory down the beach. However, duty calls, and he has to leave Rory in the care of a reluctant Martha.

But when Rory helps Alf and some lifesavers clean and check their equipment, he is separated from the group and pushed into the back of a van. Jack realises too late that Shane, Sam’s psychotic ex- husband, is both Tony’s attacker and Rory’s abductor.

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