Angelo breaks the news to Charlie about Grant’s murder. Each assures the other that they are not responsible, although neither have strong alibis. Charlie breaks the news to Ruby, who is stunned. Ruby assures Charlie that she will not say anything about the incident at the shack with Grant. Ruby breaks down talking to Martha the next day, admitting she’s happy Grant is dead.

A man arrives at the caravan park – Robert Robertson. Robertson talks to Colleen to find out information about the local area. He later reveals himself at the crime scene to be Senior Detective Robertson from Metro Branch. Robertson has already pegged Charlie as a suspect in Grant’s murder.

Charlie denies killing him, although she is thrown by how much Robertson already knows. Robertson interrogates Ruby and receives orders that he has to keep Angelo on the case even though he’s a suspect. Robertson later suspends Charlie from duty and tells her she is her chief suspect.

Aden tries to teach Geoff how to drive a boat, but Geoff is distracted over his concern for Ruby and they end up arguing. Alf coaches Geoff through his lesson. Aden starts thinking Geoff is interested in Ruby.