Did Charlotte start the fire?

Kat asks Leah and Zac who would want to hurt them and Zac says the only person is Billie – after she lashed out at VJ on the beach. Matt doesn’t believe Billie started the fire and rushes off to confront Charlotte.

The residents hold a charity drive for Leah and Zac and, when Irene tells Phoebe about the fire, she rushes off to the hospital to support Ash. As they wait by Billie’s bedside, the doctors see if she can breath by herself and she finally pulls through.

Kat arrests Billie on suspicion of arson and Ash turns his back on his sister. He leaves the hospital, telling Phoebe he wants to be with her and she responds with a kiss. Wanting to do things right, Ash tells Kyle that he and Phoebe are a couple. Meanwhile, Zac tells Leah the house insurance was not paid while she was in hospital.