Diane is questioned by the police as to Chas’s whereabouts on the day of the murder and she feels forced to provide a false alibi to protect Chas. Diane is surprised when Chas tells her that she was drunk when Tom was killed and can’t remember where she was for at least two hours. Chas decides to flee the village but she’s prevented by Carl, who admits that he’s still in love with her.

Rodney demonstrates his sales skills by negotiating a £20,000 sale for the Jag. Scott and Debbie gleefully expect a hefty cut of the profits after all the work they put in, but they’re stunned when Rodney hands them a solitary £5 note! Rodney points out that the pair owe him £10,000 after stealing money from his care. An outraged Scott lunges at Rodney and has to be restrained by Len.

McNally informs Jasmine that although he can’t publish her article about Tom’s murder, he’s willing to take her on for work experience. But Jasmine realises that his promise comes with a proviso when he tells her that she needs to keep her eyes and ears open in the village and feed him everything she finds out about Tom’s murder.

Elsewhere, Matthew accuses Rosemary of not pulling her weight in the business.