Did Chloe fall – or was she pushed?

Sergeant Stone finds the body of missing teenager Chloe Parks at a derelict building, and Pc Will Fletcher visits Chloe’s parents to deliver the devastating news. They reveal that they last saw Chloe the night before when she said she was staying at her best friend Polly’s house.

Sergeant Smithy talks to Chloe’s teacher Kathleen Tanner, who suggests that Chloe may have been seeing another student, Ben. But, when questioned, Ben claims he only ever helped Chloe with her homework. DI Sam Nixon examines CCTV footage showing Chloe getting into a car – and Ben’s the driver.

Ben admits that they only went for a drink and when Sam suggests that he raped her then killed her to stop her telling anyone, an emotional Ben insists it’s not true. Later, Polly gives Will a home video showing the two friends innocently having fun.

But then the footage suddenly changes and Will is horrified by what he sees…