Did Dan attack Amanda?

Pcs Tony Stamp and Millie Brown have an eventful start to the New Year when homeless man George alerts them to a badly beaten Amanda Phelps who, it turns out, he knows very well. Amanda’s husband, Jeff, is horrified to hear what’s happened and reveals he’d stayed home the previous night while Amanda went out with pal Annie Denniston.

When Annie tells officers that she and Amanda went to a nightclub, where Amanda ended up arguing with her ex, Dan Colman, DCs Terry Perkins and Jacob Banks visit the gym where Dan is recruiting for his kick-boxing classes. Dan seems genuinely shocked to hear about Amanda’s attack but says he has a solid alibi – he was with a married woman.

The case takes a dramatic turn when it’s revealed that DNA under Amanda’s fingernails belongs to creditor Con Walker who Amanda owes money to. Con claims that Amanda turned up at his house the night before, saying she would sleep with him in order to pay off the debt.

When three people end up in the frame for Amanda’s attack, the officers are shocked to discover what really happened…