A body has reportedly been thrown into the river, and Pc Roger Valentine and Beth Green discover that a vehicle spotted at the scene belongs to a Dr Michael Drummond. The officers get suspicious when a body is dragged from the river and the dead man turns out to be Drummond.

DS Max Carter uncovers an article stating that Drummond was cleared of claims that he’d been negligent when a man died during surgery – but Drummond’s shocked colleagues fear that Jane Prophet, the man’s wife, could still bear a grudge against him.

As the officers quiz both Jane and a man, Dave Batchelor, who was seen fleeing from Drummond’s car, it’s discovered that Drummond had MS and was on medication prescribed by his colleague, Peers. Peers admits that he urged Drummond to tell the General Medical Council about his MS, which resulted in a huge row.

When the officers find a connection between the doctors and Batchelor, Beth and Roger hunt him down – but they don’t bank on Batchelor pulling an unexpected stunt…