Did Dodger kill Texas?

As Dodger is taken into custody, Leanne and Theresa cross paths in the village and glance awkwardly at each other. Dodger is faced with incriminating CCTV footage and Will manages to implicate his brother further under his own questioning. Later, in the flat, Will’s phone rings in the kitchen, he checks he’s alone and stands up out of his wheelchair to answer it. As Dirk tells him Dodger has been formally charged with murder, a small smile appears across Will’s’ face – he’s the real killer!

Mercedes is shocked when she finds two bags of cash at the flat – the evidence is stacking up against her fiance. She’s terrified when a detective later turns up at the door, but manages to put them off the scent.

Meanwhile, Carmel is suspicious about Theresa’s nonchalance over the murder. She spots Theresa arguing with Dodger in the village and battles with her conscience about whether to shop her cousin to the police.

Also, Doug is concerned by a rapidly blooming relationship.