Did Geoff poison the sheep?

Annie worries about Bruce’s harsh attitude towards a desolate Geoff. But she’s unaware Geoff is riddled with guilt over his decision to poison the sheep. Later, Annie is worried to find a packet of 1080 rabbit poison in his bedroom. And when she learns the police toxicology test results match the 1080 brand, she realises Geoff is the poisoner.

Sally is dismayed when Matilda admits to cheating in her exam, and asks why she did it. Matilda keeps quiet about Emma’s pregnancy, but Sally guesses there’s more to it, and tells Matilda she won’t make a decision on her future just yet. Meanwhile, Ric is frustrated as to why Matilda won’t tell Sally the truth.

Having given Emma her word that she won’t tell anyone, Matilda holds firm. But after a few more questions from Sally, Matilda finally admits she was protecting her friend. But far from being in the clear, Matilda could still be in for punishment, with Fisher pushing for Sally to take a hard line. Sally argues against this and Fisher is forced to reluctantly accept her authority. But Matilda is shocked and devastated when Sally tells her she failed her maths exam anyway.