Did Jason try to commit suicide?

Jason wakes to see Heidi and Carl beside his bedside. They know that he has been cutting himself and he refuses to talk to the police about the hit and run. Bart turns up and Jason tells him that Heidi screamed that she wished he was dead. A furious Bart confronts Heidi and a shocked Carl hears everything. They go back into see Jason and Heidi apologises, finally accepting that Jasmine is now Jason she tells him she loves him. Later, Bart returns and he and Jason agree they can only ever be mates.

Brendan sees Warren handing an envelope to Ste and follows him. He asks Ste to tell him what’s going on but Warren interrupts. Later, Ste goes to see Brendan and hands over the envelope and the address of the person he is meant to deliver it to. Brendan goes to the address and Kyle opens the door.

Rob and Diane tell Sinead and Finn that they’ve decided to split up. Rob asks Sinead to keep everything from Finn and she agrees on one condition, that he lets the pair of them live with Diane.

Also; Carmel is suspicious of Theresa’s involvement in Kyle’s escape.

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