Did Jenny kidnap Rhys?

Rhys wakes in a dark and damp container, his hands are bound as he desperately tries to budge the chain round his ankle. Jenny comes in and Rhys panics. He demands to know why she’s doing this and is left baffled when she reveals that he stole a lot of money from her.

Dodger and Dirk turn on the charm and make it up to the McQueen’s with knock off shoes and a fancy pub lunch. However, Dodger seems to have “forgotten” his wallet so the two families have to do a quick runner from the pub. Later, the McQueens seize the opportunity to race home and change the locks, but they don’t have much time to successfully get rid of their squatters.

Darren tries to help Nancy revise by taking Charlie out for the day. However, after some rough and tumble, Darren puts his back out.

Also, Texas is livid that Cindy has stopped her Grandfather’s allowance.

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