Did Lachlan attack Belle?

*First episode*

Someone’s obviously got it in for Belle – a brick has been thrown through the window, graffiti has been sprayed on the Dingles’ wall and now she’s been attacked. But the question is, who’s behind the hate campaign? As the Dingles try to find the culprit, it looks like Lachlan is to blame when he’s found with cans of spray paint…

Pete’s dreading his day in court, but when it’s postponed he’s intrigued as DI Bails appears out of the blue and suggests they strike a deal. Later, when Pete reveals that the detective has blackmailed him, Debbie’s shocked to learn what he wants in return.

Elsewhere in the village, Laurel breaks down about her marriage, Ross is given a warning about his dodgy dealings at the garage, and Charity tells Moira that Noah is moving into Butlers’ Farm.