Did Lord Ashfordly trash the hunting den?

The village is preparing for the annual fox hunt and Lord Ashfordly and Gordon Radford get off to an awkward start when Gordon drives into Ashfordly’s car outside the Aidensfield Arms. When Joe witnesses the pair arguing, it’s clear that there’s no love lost between Gordon and Ashfordly.

In the pub, Gordon picks a fight with his kennel man Alec Pickering which prompts Gordon’s wife Mary and Alec’s wife Stella to argue. Then, when local farmer Richard Smith confronts Gordon about the hunt going through his land, Oscar is forced to stop the situation getting out of hand.

As the crowd gather outside Ashfordly Hall, Gordon tells Alec that he’ll be sacked after the hunt. That evening, Gordon finds that his precious hunting den has been trashed. Reporting the vandalism to the police, Gordon points the finger at three suspects: Ashfordly, Richard and Alec. Will they find the culprit?

Also, Bernie learns that Joe wants to buy a new car and thinks he might have just what he’s looking for…