Did Martha kill Sam?

Jazz tells Tony that she saw Sam last night after Sam asked her to bring money, although she fails to reveal that Sam blackmailed her. Jazz says she didn’t give Sam the money, but explains she was determined to go on the run with Rory. Tony convinces Jazz to go to the police and Jazz is interviewed by city detective Ross Buckton. Morag later sits in on Ross’s interview with Martha where it becomes clear that Ross believes that Martha and Jack killed Sam together.

Morag tells Martha she had an affair with Ross Buckton a long time ago and explains he is a detective who will pursue his gut instinct to the bitter end. Martha knows this isn’t good news, but Morag assures her niece that she isn’t going to let Ross win. After being interviewed by Ross, Tony worries when Jack, distraught and desperate, turns up on the doorstep, seemingly guilty.

Despite Irene, Leah and Roman ready for the grand opening of the Pier Diner, they decide to delay after hearing about Sam’s murder. Later, Irene and Leah support Belle when she reveals she’s quit her job at Coastal News.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 19*

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