Did Nate put Chris in a coma?

Chris has been in an induced coma since the attack. His loved-ones are shocked to learn Chris is the victim of a ‘coward punch’ and Matt immediately launches an investigation. Nate draws instant attention to himself and Kyle confronts him, demanding answers. Fleeing, Nate only fans the flames of suspicion – already burning bright at home as Susan struggles to comprehend Nate’s response to the emergency. Her doubts intensify as a reserved Brennan appears with new information about Nate’s past. All roads seem to lead to Nate… until Josh confesses he threw the punch.

Having played the guilt card with Paul over their shared history, Dakota manipulates Paul into agreeing to help her open a new bar. She assures him all she needs is a fresh start to get her life back on track – and he owes her. However, as Paul becomes putty in her hands, she also demonstrates her plan to keep him on a string, all the while answering to a mystery master.