Did Sean attack Patrick?

Sean returns home after a night moonlighting in Charlie’s taxi and he almost runs over Yolande. Charlie is furious when Yolande tells him what happened and he confronts Sean and tells him he’s had enough and he wants him out of the house. An angry Sean storms over to see Yolande and clashes with Patrick. Sean is freaked out by his own aggression and confides in Carly. Back at the Minute Mart, Patrick is shifting boxes alone when someone enters – and smashes him over the head with a monkey wrench…

Ian is chuffed that the building work in the house is finally over but Jane points out that they’ve still got a lot of decorating to do. Ian heads over to the chippie and is proud to see daughter Lucy working diligently in his business alongside new employee Craig. But he wouldn’t be so happy if he’d seen them canoodling just before he came in!

Max has pulled out all the stops for his wedding anniversary with Tanya and he surprises her with presents and flowers as well as lunch at Fargo’s. Tanya feels guilty as she had forgotten all about it, still preoccupied with worry over Rainie.

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