Brennan’s comforted by Sonya and is now determined to find out if Sienna is guilty. Matt’s furious to find that Brennan’s decided to interrogate taxi drivers, in order to athenticate Sienna’s alibi. Brennan tells Matt that he’s only got five drivers left to speak to – so maybe Matt can continue this by himself? Matt does – and a taxi driver confirms that he drove Sienna to the airport, which finally clears her of any suspicion. Sienna’s relieved, but is shocked when Brennan tells her to pack her bags and go.

Sonya’s annoyed when she discovers Toadie had a long lunch with Naomi. But Toadie’s angry at the way Sonya drops anything to run to help Brennan. Meanwhile, Sheila accuses Naomi of being interested in Toadie.

Later, Naomi feigns tears when she sees Toadie at the Waterhole, claiming she’s just been on a date with a guy who only wanted one thing… Toadie assures her she’ll find her prince soon enough, but Naomi thinks she already has…

Amber and Daniel’s connection continues to develop, but Amber’s somewhat reassured as Daniel agrees that Imogen’s gorgeous. Later that night, Amber and Daniel are accidentally locked in the dark room, and Daniel questions Amber about the intense vibe between them. Amber realises it’s not Imogen that Daniel likes – it’s her.