Did Simon hurt Aadi?

Sunita’s devastated as she gets on to social services, while Dev confides in Lloyd that the twins have been taken into care. Simon is playing with Russ, and when he overhears this a fight breaks out between the pair which leads to a shaken Simon running away. He later a reveals a secret he’s been keeping for weeks.

Kylie comes back from an emotional visit with Max, and Becky suggests she gets an early night before tomorrow’s court hearing. But Kylie’s got other plans, and when she bumps into Gary on his way to meet Izzy, she offers to show him a good time.

Tyrone‘s on cloud nine as he plans a night out in the Rovers to wet the baby’s head, while Molly blasts Kevin for agreeing to be godfather. Kevin admits that as soon as he saw baby Jack his emotions got the better of him. But this isn’t good enough for Molly and a row erupts between them.

Also, Sophie calls Rosie to let her know she’s safe, but says she still won’t be coming home; Ken is frustrated by Lawrence’s attitude to his son James.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter reels as Simon explains that he pushed Aadi and he fell, hitting his head. Fully aware of what Dev and Anita are going through Peter decides to call the police before paying the Alahans a visit. Once they hear the truth they’re desperate to get their children back. Meanwhile, Claire arrives back on the street and drops a bombshell on Ashley.

Gary’s mindful of his date with Izzy; he knows the right thing to do, but he can’t resist Kylie and her offer of some boozy fun. Things soon heat up between the pair, with a lot of persuasion from Kylie. But when they realise they’ve got nowhere to get amorous Kylie comes up with an idea – Mary’s campervan.

Natasha’s need to get pregnant intensifies when everyone coos over baby Jack. She’s finding it increasingly hard to continue with her lie. Later, Nick finally tells her he loves her and the guilt of the lie becomes too much for her.

Also, Rosie‘s suspicious of Kevin and questions her dad about his row with Molly; Ken and James bond without Lawrence; Tyrone’s stunned when Jack hands him a substantial gift for baby Jack.

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