Pc Joe Mason and Sergeant Miller visit Albert Ross’s farm when Josh, one of Albert’s workers, is knocked down by a lorry. As Miller quizzes Ross, Josh’s co-worker Stan Keaton shouts that they are made to work too hard. Later, a protest about the working conditions on Albert’s farm turns violent, and Stan, Josh and Albert are arrested.

Later, Carol is concerned when she calls round to see Albert’s daughter Juliet and spots bruises on her arm. Juliet claims she had an accident – but Carol is not convinced. Meanwhile, at the station, Ethan Harper reports that his father John has had some money stolen. Blind John reveals to Joe that Albert had been visiting him.

That night, Albert is attacked. Josh admits that he hit Albert in order to protect Julie, with Stan claiming that he was looking out for Josh – but Joe doesn’t believe that either of them are behind the attack. Albert’s clearly got a few enemies, so will the officers be able to find the real culprit?

Also, David rescues a man, who is convinced that he’s a guardian angel.

*Guest stars Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley*