Michael tries to assure Tash that it wasn’t her fault her mum drowned and that he didn’t tell her because he never wanted her to have to deal with this. But she shuts herself away, telling Michael to leave her alone. However, when Chris calls round, she opens up to him and tells him she killed her mum.

Not knowing what to do, Michael confides in Emelia, and tells her Tash must never know the whole truth, suggesting Emelia stays away for a while, so he and Tash can sort things out, without any complications. She agrees, and has to tell Lucas she’s busy until Christmas, however they enjoy a quick coffee together and Michael freaks out when he sees them together. He explains to Lucas that Emelia is his sister-in-law and warns him off of her, telling him he can’t trust her and to stay away.

Karl and Susan clash over the issue with PirateNet, with Karl telling Susan she shouldn’t be encouraging Summer while she’s got important exams on. And Karl is right to worry; instead of revising, Summer sets up a Facebook page which is a huge success, and spurs her on to organise a protest to reclaim the radio station. With their English exam in a few hours, Summer is adamant that the council will step in before all the students miss their exam.