*One-hour special*
It’s the morning of Tom and Rosemary’s wedding day and in true Emmerdale-style it get off to a bad start.

Terry is an emotional wreck after looking at pictures from last Christmas when he still had Dawn and baby TJ. Terry sees Tom’s wedding car pulling up in the village and he attacks him in a rage. Ashley tries to pull him off, but Terry inadvertently hits the vicar. Bob and Jamie pull Terry away, but he warns Tom to watch his back.

After the wedding, tensions are high at the reception when Matthew starts a fight with Carl over Tom’s offer to hand him the business and there’s more bad news for the King brothers when Tom announces in his speech that he’s giving Rosemary control of the estate as a wedding present.

A drunken Chas gatecrashes the wedding and throws a glass of champagne over Carl when she sees him being chatted up by a woman and she comes close to attacking a sarcastic Tom.

Tom suggests to Rosemary that they leave the chaotic wedding bash for somewhere more intimate to consummate their nuptials. As fireworks start at the end of the night, Tom falls through a window to his death. Belle spots Tom lying motionless on the ground and screams out. The crowd rush towards Tom’s body and the question on all their lips is did he fall or was he pushed?