Did Tony attack Julie?

McGrath is suspicious by Tony’s evasive behaviour when he questions him in relation to the attack on Julie. Finally, Tony reveals he spent the night with Jazz. Drew is concerned to hear what Jazz has been up to and worries she’s going to hurt Tony. Jazz reassures her son by giving him the impression her night with Tony was more than just a one-night-stand.

McGrath investigates the area where Rachel’s car was parked, and concludes that an overhead light in the hospital car park was broken on purpose at the exact spot where Julie was attacked. The attack must have been planned. But was Julie the intended victim?

Jack is riddled with nerves at the prospect of his meeting with Internal Affairs, and the investigation into his conduct over the death of Shane Deeks. Not wanting to worry Sam, Jack keeps the investigation from her, turning instead to Martha for support.

When Sam discovers this, she’s troubled. Although Internal Affairs clears Jack of any wrongdoing in the matter, Sam tells Jack that she has real concerns over his friendship with Martha, leaving Jack reeling.

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