Steph questions Callum about the lighter she found in his jacket and worries when Callum denies it belongs to him. When Paul is released without charge, Jay persuades Steph to confront Toadie with her discovery. However, Toadie is angry at Steph’s insinuation that Calllum started the bushfire and tells her to leave.

Steph’s distress over her run-in with Toadie alienates Jay. Later, as Toadie and Callum have fun painting the shed, Toadie asks him if he started the fire. Meanwhile, in the backyard, an angry Jay sets the shed on fire…

Paul’s refusal to protest his innocence to the police about starting the bush fire frustrates Toadie, who can’t believe his willingness to let them believe he is guilty. Under pressure, Paul reveals his secret shame about abandoning Kirsten and Toadie urges him to set things straight with the police.

After Paul confesses, he confides the truth about Kirsten to Rebecca, who offers him her support. But he ends up realising how much he has damaged his relationship with Elle.

Also, a despairing Carmella is comforted by Harold’s advice at how to cope with life without Marco.