Diego brings Myra back down to earth!

With Myra excited about Diego and Celine's 'big day', Diego's worried she'll scupper their plan...

Celine’s feeling trapped by her promise to marry Diego. Myra shows Diego her wedding outfit – but he urges her to stay away from the ceremony if she wants Juanita to believe their scam.

Joe’s annoyed when Mercedes forgets to pick up their marriage licence and they ask Joanne to help. Joanne gets the licence but lies to Mercedes and Joe that she didn’t.

Ellie confides in Lisa that she can’t remember anything about what happened after The Loft. As the girls end up sitting with Nick and Holly at The Bean, Ellie rushes off. Later, a distraught Ellie asks Freddie to take her back.

Also, when Tegan tells Leela she wants a boyfriend, Courtney and Leela get an idea when they see a connection between Tegan and Jesse.