Will Diego and Celine’s ‘wedding’ go without a hitch?

It's a McQueen wedding.... there's OBVIOUSLY going to be chaos!

Myra arrives at Nightingales’ and pretends to feel sorry for herself over the Celine and Diego situation. Myra’s ‘plight’ strikes a chord with Marnie, who tells her to fight for her man. Meanwhile, Celine makes her long walk down the aisle towards Diego…

As Celine and Diego are saying their vows, Myra bursts through the doors, telling the congregation that no amount of money could keep her away from Diego. Incensed, Juanita storms out of the church, taking her £5 million with her.

Back at the McQueens’, Myra and Diego hold a pretend wedding ceremony – but it’s interrupted when four middle-aged women arrive claiming that Diego is a con man. Meanwhile, Celine finds Jesse at The Loft but he’s disgusted when she tells him why she was going to marry Diego.

Meanwhile, Joe’s guilt hits him when he remembers all that Mercedes has done for him and he confesses his affair with Joanne. A heartbroken Mercedes still wants Joe to give her another chance – but he says he needs a reliable wife and role model for his kids.

Later, Joanne finds Joe in Nightingale’s and offers a shoulder to cry on. But when a drunk Mercedes sees them together in the village, she hijacks Joe’s car and reverses through the front of the empty Nightingale’s restaurant!