Diego gets a surprise visitor in Hollyoaks

Diego's shocked when his sister turns up... but why has she come to Hollyoaks?

Diego pales when his sister, Maria shows up at the McQueens’ house. Mercedes grows suspicious when she sees them together in The Dog car park but offers to help when Maria becomes ill. Maria eventually meets Myra but when Myra suggests they go to the hospital, Maria refuses. And it soon becomes clear why Maria doesn’t want medical treatment when she tells Mercedes and Diego she’s smuggling drugs!

The Nightingales are shocked when the police turn up to arrest Mac. As he’s released on bail, Neeta is floored by news of his criminal record and tells Mac she’s going on holiday – alone. Later, Ellie discovers it was her mum who called the police.

Jesse asks Lisa to the 90’s night at The Loft but she really wants to go with Nathan. Lisa leaves a message on a napkin for him, but Nathan thinks it’s from Cleo. Nathan soon realises his mistake, however, when he turns up at The Loft and a predatory Lisa wraps her arms around him.

Also, Kim and Esther are thrilled when their dresses arrive ahead of their wedding on Wednesday – and they laugh when they realise they’ve both bought similar gowns. At The Loft’s 90’s night, Grace tells Esther she doesn’t want to come to her wedding.