Myra and Diego are practicing their Tango moves when Nathan calls about his Spanish lessons. As Myra panics about how to keep her con from honest Diego, Ellie guesses Myra’s hiding her new teaching role from him and plots to have some fun. Ellie lies to Diego that Myra’s cheating on him with Nathan and Diego’s fears are confirmed when he sees them looking cosy upstairs.

After being hit over the head with a cricket bat, unconscious Trevor lies in the yard and Grace is alarmed when she finds him and orders Esther to call an ambulance. Ben tries to hide his guilt when Trevor is lifted into the ambulance and panics when Grace tells him about a new CCTV camera they’ve had installed. DS Thorpe is sure Ben’s to blame when the footage is deleted and confronts him at the hospital making Sienna suspicious. Meanwhile, Esther’s concerned that Grace wants to get back with Trevor. Later, back in the village, Trevor’s a nervous wreck and it’s obvious he’s having flashbacks of his attack when he cowers behind the bar at The Loft.

Also, Nancy is trying to comfort Jade but keeps saying the wrong thing. Alfie’s shocked when he overhears them talking at school about Jade possibly having cancer. Alfie reassures Jade that she probably just has glandular fever like he did – but has he given her false hope? Later, Jade gets a call from the hospital about her results.