Dimato threatens Tyler

Dimato hears Brennan’s been asking questions and he wants Tyler to investigate. Tyler gets the info he’s after – Brennan’s making it his personal crusade to take the gangster down but tells him a half-truth – that the cops aren’t making Dimato a priority. Dimato wants him to search Brennan’s room, but Tyler won’t. He’ll pay him back some other way. Dimato, angry, warns Tyler not to cross him.

Nick invites Georgia to a medical conference in Hobart for the weekend. Georgia is torn but when she asks Kyle to come with her it’s clear his work commitments won’t allow it. Georgia eventually accepts Nick’s offer, but then discovers the shocking truth behind it…

Madge encourages Harold to go for lunch with Sheila. He’s nervous, but conversation soon starts flowing, and he finally begins to relax – until Sheila gets physical and he flees. When Madge sees how worked up he is, she apologises for forcing him into the date. Since he doesn’t want another partner, she’s going to find him something else to keep him occupied.