The Dingles’ shock Christmas Day confession! (VIDEO)

The Dingles' Christmas goes downhill fast when Belle discovers a revealing recording on her new laptop…

It may be Christmas but it’s also Belle’s birthday, so Zak is determined to see his daughter. But his and Joanie’s appearance at the Dingle house soon turns sour. Though Belle is delighted to see her parents have bought her a laptop, she soon notices there’s already a recording saved on the computer. But when she clicks play, the mood changes as Zak and Lisa’s conversation is played to the room.

How will Joanie react to hear her husband telling his ex wife he doesn’t want to move away with his new one?

Despite the fact Ashley has no idea it’s Christmas Day, Laurel is determined to see the family have a good time. There’s joy for Gabby who finds a box of presents from Ashley and realises her dad had remembered it was also her birthday after all. After attending church, there’s a happy surprise awaiting the troubled Thomases…

Cain wonders if there’s hope for him and Moira, but is his ex on the same page?

Elsewhere, Emma’s irritated by Leyla’s presence at the dinner table, and Nicola’s touched when Elliot tells her he wishes she was his mum.


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