Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Upon learning a spaceship is about to collide with Earth, the Doctor collects Amy, Rory and Rory’s father and travels to the shuttle – accompanied by Egyptian queen Nefertiti and big game hunter Riddell.

The gang soon discovers the ship is full of dinosaurs, but the animals’ keepers are nowhere to be seen. Amy discovers the ship is a Silurian ark that was transporting the dinosaurs to safety from a doomed planet.

However, the ship was hijacked by a space pirate called Solomon who has been trapped on board, with no way of navigating the craft, since killing all the Silurians. Upon learning the ship is about to be destroyed by Earth’s missiles, Solomon decides to give up the dinosaurs and boards an escape ship with Nefertiti as hostage.

The spaceship needs two people with similar genes in order to pilot it, so Rory and his father are able to stop it from crashing into Earth. Meanwhile, the Doctor rescues Nefertiti and diverts the missiles trained on the main ship to Solomon’s escape vessel – saving his friends, the dinosaurs and the Earth.

As the mission ends, Amy and Rory decide to head home, while Rory’s father joins the Doctor for a global adventure.