When Cindy warns Dirk to stay away from Trevor, he calls Ben instead and blames Trevor for Holly’s drug taking. Later, Dirk jumps Trevor at the club! Robbie calms him down and promises that Trevor will get what’s coming to him. Robbie then agrees to work for Ben again.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Cindy goes back to look in the locker but it’s been emptied. Dr S’Avage asks what she’s up to and he’s shocked when she tells him about the shrine. He agrees with her that something suspicious is going on, but urges her not to call the police because his own secret will be revealed that he’s not fully qualified. Cindy’s stunned by the revelation but Dr S’Avage promises to help her find out whether someone is killing patients. They go to the empty locker and Dr S’Avage spots a stray hair. He orders a random drugs test among his staff but, later, Celine swaps the labels on the DNA samples to cover her secret…

Elsewhere, Jack urges Peri to pick a name for the baby. Peri’s struggling with her new role, while Tom and Jade head off to school like normal teenagers. Peri leaves Jack with the baby and turns up at school, where she tries to get Tom to bunk off but he refuses. At home, Peri reveals she’s calling the baby Steph.

Also, Tony’s delighted to have Harry back. He wants to thank Ste, so clears a room for him at The Boarding House – all the boys under one roof, much to Harry’s delight. However, Ste says he’s moving in with Tegan and Leela.