Dirk grows suspicious about Cindy’s secret calls

Dr S’Avage tells Cindy that the strand of hair they found in the Gloved Hand’s locker belongs to Tegan. Meanwhile, Dirk is suspicious about all the secret calls Cindy is making to his brother. Dr S’Avage asks for Tegan’s ID and locker key, but she’s not going down without a fight and storms back into Dr S’Avage’s office demanding to see the DNA samples. Celine is guilted into confessing about stealing drugs. S’Avage apologises to Tegan and sends Celine home. The fire alarm goes off at the hospital and the strand of hair is stolen from Dr S’Avage’s cabinet. Dr S’Avage is about to tell the police about the Gloved Hand and about him not being qualified, but he chickens out. Then, the Gloved Hand sets their sights on their next victim…

Maxine’s arranged with Dr S’Avage to get Patrick a wheelchair. Patrick trips over in the school yard in front of pupils and is further embarrassed when Louis fetches his wheelchair, which Maxine has brought into school for him. Later, Patrick takes his humiliation out on Louis.

Tom’s getting picked on by some of his classmates about being a dad and his heart sinks when Peri brings their baby into school. However, Peri’s the one tormenting Tom because she wants him to be at home with her and Steph.

Also, Zack is planning his 18th birthday party and sets his sights on Theresa as his date. He dresses up and tries to charm her – but she’s having none of his smooth talk. Lisa watches as he’s rejected and pays Theresa to reconsider.