Disaster in the Square!

How will the residents cope with the shock incident?

An unconscious Carmel wakes up in the middle of the market to chaos following the bus crash. Denise and the school kids are trapped on the bus, which is stuck under the bridge.

Keegan escapes out of the back upstairs window of the bus, as the exit downstairs is blocked. Shakil stays in the bus to help Louise and Bex escape before climbing out himself.

Vincent, Kim and Emerald spot an unconscious Denise inside the bus and shout at her to come round and open the doors. Kim is devastated when Denise pushes her away, not wanting her to help.

Kush finds Martin trapped underneath the bus and fears he’s dead. Max encourages everyone to get together to lift up the bus, as the emergency services aren’t able to get through. A conscious but injured Martin is pulled out from under the bus when they are successful.

Meanwhile, Tina, Shirley and Sylvie are stuck on the tube train, which has been stopped in a tunnel, not knowing it’s because the bridge has been damaged by the bus crash.