Disaster strikes as Ricky considers her future

Ricky is exasperated by how much attention she’s getting from Heath and the other brothers. Later, she and Nate are at the diner when Leah offers Nate a room at her place but he reveals that he’s being transferred. When Nate brings Ricky home she jokes about being ‘the Godmother’ of the Braxtons and it makes her think about her future.

Later, Ricky suffers severe cramping and collapses. Meanwhile, Nate has changed his mind about leaving, and tells Leah he wants to move in. Suddenly, John calls – Ricky may be having a miscarriage. Nate drives Ricky to the hospital in the city.

Sasha wants Spencer to forgive her for accidentally kissing Chris. When John and Marilyn hear about the kiss fiasco they weigh in with opposing views. Their argument escalates, and Marilyn challenges John that if a kiss is so meaningless he won’t care if she kisses the next person who enters the diner. John bluffs and she smacks a big kiss on Nate. John flees the diner.

When Jett tells Marilyn that John’s struggling to handle her kiss with Nate, Marilyn apologises. John tells her that every kiss he receives from her is precious and they reconcile with a kiss.