Disaster strikes at the dance party

The teens and Zeke are pumped up with excitement as they experience their first dance party. Declan finds it hard talking to Bridget, especially with Josh around, while Zeke hooks up with Ruby, and Ringo rejects Jessica when she takes things too far.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s party turns sour when Jessica reveals she knows all about her and Angus. Leaving the party, Rachel rushes to Angus’s flat. Back at the bash, Elle and Riley turn up to investigate, and as the night develops, they get to know each other better until Riley discovers Bridget is also at the party.

After berating her in front of her friends, Riley loses Bridget in the crowd only to spot her again just as the roof collapses on everyone inside causing all hell to break loose.

Elsewhere, Janae is furious to discover that Steve and Miranda won’t share the mortgage with her. She escapes to the garage to find Darren taking a break from his own problems with Libby. The pair end up confiding in each other. Janae breaks down and is comforted by Darren, leading to a kiss, which is witnessed by Kirsten.