Disaster strikes for Diane!

It’s Ste’s turn to go into the witness box at Finn’s trial. He’s a nervous wreck giving evidence and tells everyone about Diane’s lies in an emotional outburst. Outside The Hutch, Mercedes and Myra launch at Diane, while Ste is getting hassled by his dealer for payment. Sinead asks Diane to think about why everyone but her thinks Finn is guilty.

Later, Diane goes to The Hutch, but someone is there stealing from the till. She grabs them as they rush past her but she falls and hits her head on a table. The intruder turns to look at unconscious Diane – it’s Ste!

Meanwhile, Dennis is trying to manoeuvre the Savages’ van through the village and hits a flower stand outside the florist. Trevor orders Dennis to get him £500 by tomorrow to pay for the damage to this shop. Dennis gets a delivery of 500 teddy bears and has an epiphany – he dresses Tom up as a bear to help sell the teddies.

And, after spending the night with Sienna, the race is on for Darren to put things right with Nancy.