Disaster strikes Hollyoaks!

Esther reveals Ruby’s plan to elope to the Osbornes so Ruby’s grounded! While Jono distracts Jack and Frankie, Ruby climbs out of her bedroom window. But Bart lets everyone down when he’s stoned and without any wheels to get them to Gretna. Neil is promoted to Best Man and Maddie sees a minibus with the engine running – it’s now or never and the gang jump aboard. Meanwhile, Esther tracks down Bart – they need to stop the wedding! A stoned Bart drives furiously to catch up with the minibus, they race side-by-side but when Maddie tries to slow down she realises the brakes aren’t working!

Ste goes out for air during the wedding and is horrified to see a speeding bus heading towards Leah, the bus swerves just in time, but ploughs straight into him and the venue instead…

Myra tries to make Tony see that he’s making a mistake marrying Cindy. However, he assures her, Cindy will get what’s coming to her after they’re married… Later, Rhys makes his excuses and leaves Jacqui at the wedding and Tony sees Cindy about to run away with him, until an out of control mini-bus crashes straight through the venue mowing down everything and everyone in it’s path! Chaos ensues as the guests try to escape but when a pillar collapses and the roof caves in – who will survive?!