Disaster strikes on the rafting race

Mr Simpson has set the two teams for the rafting race, hoping the boys will channel their aggression into some healthy competition. Declan is determined to look after Bridget but she is sick of being treated like a girl and chooses to go in the opposing team’s raft. Kyle comes up with an underhanded plan to win the race, at all costs. Zeke helps Kyle with his plan, but when the two boats collide, Kyle and Zeke’s boat capsizes, and they are forced into dangerous waters. When Kyle and his mates reach shore, Bridget, Zeke and Libby are missing.

Callum has been diagnosed with a lazy eye and Toadie tries to get him to wear glasses. But Callum feels like a dork, and refuses to wear them. When Toadie lays down the law Callum takes off, just as the Department of Human Services spring a guardianship interview on them. When Mickey tells Callum it’s not wearing glasses that is dorky, it’s the type of glasses you wear, Callum runs back to tell Toadie he’ll wear them, as long as he gets a pair that rock. But he is too late, DHS have been and Callum’s future with Toadie is on shaky ground.

Donna’s teenage siblings, Simon and Tegan, arrive in Erinsborough and threaten to upset her peaceful existence and new-found friends.

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