Elijah, Leah, VJ and his classmates go on the caving trip. They shelter in a cave as it rains – missing a sign that warns of flash flooding. A ranger finds them and warns them, so they head for the way out. As the storm intensifies, the group shelters in a farm shed.

Miles and Rabbit hurry to the National Park to track down the group and make sure they are safe. But he runs out of petrol and abandons his car. He sets off for the closest farmhouse, hoping to be able to call for help. He sees a sign warning that a gas main is on the property and then his blood runs cold.

He looks inside and sees Elijah, Leah, VJ and the students lying on the floor looking lifeless, just as he’d seen in the nightmare. Miles struggles to get the barn door open. He wakes everyone and gets them to safety.

Aden and Justin are relieved to hear that the police have dropped all charges against them. Justin intends to return to Base, and tells Nicole she’s holding Aden back; that he’s doing dead-end jobs, waiting for her to finish school. Nicole watches Aden and starts to feel there’s some truth in Justin’s words.

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