A feature length documentary which looks at the dangers caused by mosquitoes. It emphasises the need for immediate world wide action.

A new Discovery Channel documentary highlights the plight of people who are faced with a daily battle to survive against one of the greatest causes of death in modern human history… The mosquito.

This feature length documentary, titled Mosquito, emphasises the damage these tiny animals can do. It also points out the potentially lethal ramifications we should expect if worldwide, coordinated action does not commence soon.

Award-winning film maker Su Rynard has directed the documentary which includes a one-on-one interview with Bill Gates and is narrated by Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker. Filming was done over four continents and includes intimate interviews with men, women and children who live with the fear that the next bite could be a deadly one.

Discovery Channel UK have partnered with UK charity Malaria No More UK to support the launch of Mosquito and raise awareness on the subject.

Mosquito premieres on the Discovery Channel on July 6 at 9pm