He’s covered the present with The Simpsons, the future with Futurama, and now, for his first new series in nearly 20 years, Matt Groening, 64, goes back into the past.

Disenchantment is the story of hard-drinking medieval Princess Bean and best friends Elfo, an elf, and Luci, a demon. Groening describes it as being Monty Python-esque, so expect
surreal laughs.


‘I started re-reading a lot of old fantasy books and taking notes and trying to see if I could come up with a new universe,’ explains Matt of the new series.

‘I had this dog-eared, ratty old sketchbook that I filled with ideas – I put in everything I could think of from fables and fantasy and movies 
and children’s books.

‘The result is a 10-part animated comedy-fantasy for adults that follows three friends – a rebellious princess [Abbi Jacobson], an elf [Nat Faxon], and a demon 
[Eric Andre] – coming
of age.

‘People will be surprised,’ teases Matt. ‘No matter what you think you’re gonna get, 
it’s going to be something different.

‘It’s about life and death, love and sex – and how to keep laughing in 
a world full of suffering and idiots,’ he adds.

‘I’ve always wanted to do a show 
set within the fantasy world. The timing felt right and here
we are.’

TV Times rating: ****