Distant Past

Lynette’s stepfather, Glen, helps find Stella, who fled after Lynette called her a bad mum. But when Lynette tries to support her claim by accusing Stella of cheating on Glen, he admits that he really left after realising he was gay. Glen invites Stella to stay with him, and Lynette is pleased to have both parents back in her life.

When the police find Victor’s empty boat they question Gaby, who tells them that he was feeling suicidal after learning that she was leaving him. Later, the police get a call: Victor’s alive! At the hospital, Victor claims he has no memory of the accident but, when the police leave, Victor tells Gaby he remembers everything!

Mike’s dealer, med student Barrett, ups the price of his pills, so Mike pursuades Orson to prescribe some. Barrett drops by Susan’s house, and when Julie learns he’s a drug dealer, she suspects that Mike is still using. That night, Susan inspects Mike’s truck and finds a bottle of pills – and sees who prescribed them…

Orson is rattled when Bree declares a ‘no sex’ policy. She insists on having baby Ben share their bed so as not to make the same mistakes she made with Andrew, who overhears and moves out. Andrew refuses to come home, telling Bree he’s not a child anymore. Later, Bree comes up with a plan to spice up her and Orson’s sex life.