A giant alien spaceship has been hovering over the skies of Johannesburg, South Africa, for more than 20 years. Over a million creatures  – disparagingly referred to as ‘prawns’ – have set up in makeshift homes in the squalid shanty town of District 9. Meanwhile, a sinister company is after the aliens’ advanced weapons technology and sets about clearing the slum. Unfortunate local bureaucrat Sharlto Copley is charged with supervising the task and he’s initially unsympathetic towards the inhabitants. However, he changes his mind when he contracts an alien virus that starts altering his DNA and forces him to go on the run. This satirical sci-fi action thriller provides a much-needed breath of fresh air from the usual Hollywood blockbuster and, even if the situations are familiar,  the effects are terrific and the documentary-style filming makes for a gripping thriller.