Dixie is suspended!

The day of Dixie’s tribunal for misconduct arrives and she’s adopting a devil-may-care attitude. But her brave face doesn’t fool paramedic husband Jeff, who reminds her she’s in serious trouble for taking a critically ill patient out of hospital without permission to see his dying mother.

Nerves start to get the better of Dixie, and when she turns up late for the disciplinary meeting – having stopped to help an injured man on the way – the outlook appears grim. Afterwards, her worst fears are confirmed when she’s suspended pending further investigation!

Elsewhere, the pressures of being constantly in demand are getting to Clinical Lead Zoe. When a patient dies, despite her best efforts, ambitious consultant Connie seizes the opportunity to spread a bit of poison. Connie plays mind games with Zoe and Ash, causing friction between the two doctors!

Meanwhile, an exhausted Fletch’s double shifts catch up with him – putting him in danger of hurting his patients. Tess gives him a dressing down and tells him he’s not getting any more overtime. But instead of heeding Tess’s advice to slow down, he takes a second job as a taxi driver!